Monday, October 6, 2008

Christmas Exchange 2008

Here is the result of the gift exchange we did on Sunday

Christmas 2008

Kevin giving to: Jared
Jenny giving to: Kelli
Nate giving to: Jonathan
Sarah giving to Shawn
Lynell gives to Jen
Tony giving to Justin
Justin to Liz
Sarah Ann to Benson
Shawn to Tony
Eve giving to Cheryl
Cheryl to Lynell
Benson to Sarah Ann
Jared gives to Eve
Liz to Nathan
Kelli to Sarah
Jonathan to Kevin

Becca gives to Allyson
Jessica giving to Zach
Roz gives to Anna
Ally giving to Clark
Eliza gives to Jessica
Maddy giving to Sofia
Zach gives to Lorena
Hannah giving to Eliza
Andrew gives to Elizabeth
Katie gives to Austin
Lorena hasAndrew
Emma hasDavid
Sofia has Anneka
Clark has Daniel
David has Madeline
Elizabeth has Colette
Julia has Emma
Anna has Becca

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Cheryl Anne said...

Hi Dad,

I went to the blog to find who my kids are buying for, and they aren't listed. Guess I didn't look too closely when you posted it to begin with. Could you tell me who they have...